1.5 lb 100% Pure Raw Wildflower Honey

1.5 lb 100% Pure Raw Wildflower Honey

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Whether you're smothering it on a biscuit, dropping it into your coffee or tea, or just grabbing a spoonful right out of the jar, our Wildflower Blend honey will leave you buzzing!

From the heart of Tennessee, our blend consists blooms from all over the area, including Tulip Poplar, Black Locust, and Clover. While each flower has its own characteristics and flavors, this blend combines flavor notes from them all into a rich, smooth, delicious spoonful that will leave you wanting more!

We are extremely proud of the incredible honey our bees produce, and know you will bee as well! Please check out our FAQ page for more information on how Herel Park honey is produced, and what we do (and do not do) to make it 100% Pure, Raw, Natural Honey.

This listing is for one 23 oz. pint jar, with a one piece metal lid for ease of use.